Community Building

Community Building

No man is an island. In this hyperconnected digital world, never has that been more true. It is community that really matters. In order to move an idea forward, in order to champion a worthy cause or to channel the energy of passionate people, building tight-knit and vocal communities is “the” key to success.

Nothing is more important to me than helping to build meaningful communities of inspired people, who want to make their world –a.k.a. our world– a better place.

The communities in which I am involved are built around progressive values and a vision of a world that is more generous, more supportive of the disadvantaged and more tolerant of differences, beginning with the great Commonwealth of Massachussetts and the unrivaled City of Boston, which I have been proud to call home since 2010 when I arrived here from Hong Kong, where the need to get engaged is more obvious than in most of the other places I’ve lived in.

Community-building starts at home. Some of the local communities that I have had the honor of supporting and serving include the Boys & Girls Club of BostonWBUR Radio, Boston’s NPR news station; UMass Boston, “a research university with a teaching soul”, nationally recognized as a model of excellence for urban public universities;  the  Pan Mass Challenge , an annual cross-state bicycle ride  that raises millions of dollars to fight cancer; Inversant, a grassroots organization aimed at empowering low-income parents to invest in higher education for their children; and  Conexion , an initiative dedicated to advancing Latino leadership.

Beyond my local neighborhood, I am also passionately involved in building bigger communities around big ideas, such as Impact Investing and Conscious Capitalism, ideas that are truly transformative and which are beginning slowly but surely to change the way that investors, entrepreneurs and corporate executives  all over the world deal with the present and future challenges of having a more sustainable and socially just model of doing business while generating wealth.